Our Shleimut Program

The goal of the Shleimut program is to help make the synagogue a holistic center of healing.

Our clergy, in tandem with the congregational nurse and social worker, aim to meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of our congregants. The Shleimut Program is free and available to all congregants of Temple Oheb Shalom. Our nurse is available for educational programming, health care advocacy, home and hospital visits, blood pressure checks, and to answer congregants’ questions. Our social worker is available for support, assistance with referrals, individual and family counseling on a short-term basis, and educational programming.

Why do we need a Shleimut program? We know that God cares about our spiritual well being. God also cares about our physical and emotional health. When we pray for an individual’s refuah shleimah, complete recovery, we pray for a recovery of both body and soul. Judaism is a holistic religious system. We can only artificially separate body from spirit. Human beings are a totality, a holistic system. Temple Oheb Shalom is on the front line of our members’ lives. There is no more accessible place than the Temple for Jews to have their health questions answered and their concerns addressed.

Beth Philipson Our congregational nurse, Beth Philipson, RN, BSN, CEN, can be reached by phone at 410-491-8820 or by e-mailing beth@templeohebshalom.org.


Robin Lumpkin Our congregational social worker, Robin Lumpkin, LCSW-C, can be reached by phone at 443-278-9360 or by e-mailing robin@templeohebshalom.org.